Agghh, I’ve got Acne as an Adult – What’s Going On?

Today, ladies and gents, we’re going to address the bane of plenty of people’s lives – adult acne.

28 March 2019

Most of us expect that our skin will clear up once we’ve manoeuvred through our teenage years and that we’ll have a lifetime of clear skin ahead. Unfortunately, more and more, it just doesn’t work that way.

Adult acne is becoming a problem for more people and there’s a whole load of factors to blame. So, if your problem skin is starting to get you down, read on to find out what might be causing it – and, of course, how we at Renew Skin Clinic can help you get your adult acne under control for once and for all.

Possible Causes of Your Adult Acne

Some of the most common causes of adult acne are:



Ah, hormones, when they’re out of alignment they can really wreak havoc on our bodies and lives. Often, when adults present with acne, it is a hormonal imbalance that is to blame. A study carried out by dermatologists in Alabama has shown that adult acne is more common in women and that it reduces over time and is at it’s lowest after the menopause. 62.2% of the women who had not yet entered menopause noted that their symptoms got worse around the time of their menstruation.



Stress has quite a significant physiological effect on our entire body, we often downplay what it does to us. But one of the ways that it reveals itself in our body is through our skin. When we’re stressed, we produced more of a hormone – yes, those guys again, called androgens. The androgens cause the skin to produce more sebum, or oil in the skin and this can lead to increased spots. If you’re in a constant state of stress it most certainly could be a key cause of your adult acne.


Dietary Concerns

People have different reactions to different foods. While there is no hard and fast rule, like fast-food gives you spots, some people will find that a certain type of food

can cause a flare-up. Also, it may not always be the type of food you expect to cause spots that will. Dairy can cause flare-ups in some people. If you notice a correlation between what you eat and a bad break-out have a look at reducing your intake of that foodstuff to see if it



The Wrong Products-

There are so many skin products on the market it can be overwhelming for a consumer trying to pick something that will address their particular skin concerns. If you are using a product that is not suited to your skin type then you could be adding more oils than you need or stripping the skin of its natural oils completely. Both of these scenarios are as bad as the other. Get help choosing the right products for your skin type and you may find that your adult acne improves almost immediately.


Over Cleansing 

As mentioned above, if you are stripping your skin of all its natural oils you could inadvertently be making your adult acne worse. If you cleanse too often or with a

cleanser or soap that is too harsh for your skin, you will remove all the oil from the skin. We need a certain amount of oil on and in our skin to keep it supple. When this happens, your body will naturally try to fix the situation, by making even more oil. This over-production of sebum adds to your adult acne problem and the cycle goes on and on.


Now that we’ve explored what could be causing your adult acne, what can you do about it? The best approach to addressing adult acne is to take a comprehensive approach so that you reduce any incident of the above factors which could be adding to it. If stress may be a factor, look at ways that you can reduce the stress in your life, or at least, manage it on an on-going basis.

At Renew Skin Clinic, we provide our clients with a suite of top of the range treatments for problem skin in a treatment plan devised just for you. We also provide product ranges, such as Image Skin Care and Zo Skin Health which have been hand-picked by our founders, Sinead & Jeanette, as they are best in class. Together, the use of the right treatments to manage your skin condition and repair damaged skin, where necessary, and the right products to ensure your skin gets just the right amount of cleansing, moisturising and specific topical treatments gives you the best chance of a result that you will simply love.


At Renew Skin Clinic, we offer medical grade facial peels which can have a wonderful result for those facing adult acne. We have a range of different strength peels, ideal for different levels of acne. The treatment only takes about half an hour and reveals fresher skin in a day. The advanced acne beta lift peel, for example, contains a beta-hydroxy acid which works to reduce lesions as well as giving the skin an improved appearance.


IPL is another treatment on offer at Renew Skin Clinic which has proved very beneficial in the treatment of adult acne. IPL is a form of laser treatment which uses pulses of light to treat pigmented lesions and rejuvenate the skin. 


Genosys micro needling is a revolutionary way to repair skin damage caused by acne. It stimulates the dermis, deep in the skin, to regenerate its own natural collagen and elastin which kickstarts the skins own renewal process. Skin can be up to 8% thicker with scars and lines filling in from the inside.

Most cases of adult acne can be treated with the correct products in conjunction with a treatment plan that may include skin peels, IPL laser treatment or micro needling. In some instances, however, medication is the place to start. At your consultation at Renew Skin Clinic, your nurse will take your history, perform a facial examination and decide what the best course of action is for you. Should medication be necessary to give you the results you hope for, we can arrange for you to see a doctor and get started on this path.

No matter how severe your adult acne seems to be, we’re here to let you know that you don’t have to be plagued with it indefinitely. If you want to tackle acne there are lots of options available to you. At Renew Skin Clinic, some of our nurses have had their own experiences with acne for years.

We know how frustrating it can be. That’s why we encourage anyone who is having difficulties with adult acne to come in for a consultation. You will be able to find out about all the options that are available to you and regain control over your skin – no matter what age you are!

If you have any questions about getting help with adult acne or any of the other procedures we offer here at Renew Skin Clinic, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us. You can contact us by phone, or via the Renew Skin Clinic website.

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