5 Reasons to Choose IPL Photo Rejuvenation at Renew Skin Clinic

19 April 2019

At Renew Skin Clinic, we’re gearing up for the brighter warmer days when everyone will be eager to get outdoors and show off their glowing skin. If you feel that your skin could do with a little bit of rejuvenation before the summer arrives, why not take advantage of this month’s special offer on IPL photo rejuvenation. When you buy two full-face treatments, you’ll get the third free! And if you’re not sure what’s to love about IPL photo rejuvenation, read on.


Tried and Trusted

One of the first things most clients want to know when they’re exploring the possibility of getting a new non-surgical treatment for their face is whether there is evidence that it works. At Renew Skin Clinic, our team of medically trained doctors and nurses only work with treatments that have stood up to rigorous medical testing. But that’s not enough, people want to see others who have had these treatments and achieved excellent results.

When it comes to IPL photo rejuvenation, virtually a who’s who of celebrities have raved about their experience. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards, Khloe Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham are all fans – and might we add, they all look amazing, too!


No Needles

If you’re a little needle shy, this treatment may be the ideal one for you. Instead of having anything injected into the face, IPL photo rejuvenation uses intense pulses of light to target the layers of skin below the surface and deep into the dermis. The light treats discolouration of the skin and also stimulates a type of cell called fibroblasts which increase production of elastin and collagen. Most people feel slight discomfort when getting IPL photo rejuvenation treatment, but it is often described as a hot elastic band on your skin.


Tackles a Range of Skin Complaints

One of the great things about IPL photo rejuvenation is that this one treatment can address a number of skin complaints in one go. If you have skin discolouration, sun or age spots, broken capillaries or rosacea, IPL can target these while also rejuvenating the skin.


Return to Your Daily Activities Quickly

IPL photo rejuvenation is a non-invasive anti-aging procedure, which means that there isn’t any lengthy downtime after your treatment. However, when the light works on the deep levels of the skin, in the immediate aftermath you may experience some redness, almost like sunburn. Your skin will be particularly sensitive to the effects of the sun at this time and so you should avoid UV exposure and using hot water for 24 hours after treatment to allow your skin to recover.


Visible Results Quickly

While at Renew Skin Clinic we advise most clients that a course of 3 sessions is best to enjoy the full benefits of your IPL photo rejuvenation, you will start to see improvements quite quickly. This is great because it helps you to feel good about your appearance straight away and gives you a reason to look forward to the even better results by the end of your treatment. We usually schedule each appointment three weeks apart, so that your full treatment will be complete after 3 months. This means that your skin condition will continue to improve over this time.


If you think it might be for you, give us a call at your local clinic and we will arrange a free consultation for you with one of our nurses. We will then design a unique treatment programme for you to ensure we achieve the best results possible for you. Contact us or book online today!